Facts About Disney You Probably Did Not Know About
Posted on July 14 @01:57
by Patrick Murphy
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Did you know that one of the world’s most mind-blowing facts are about the happiest place in the world? In this article, you will read about some of the most insane facts you didn’t know about Disney. Check out some of the fascinating things that revolve around the funniest place on the planet.

  • All plants in Tomorrowland are edible. Next time you go to Disney world, break a little peace of the leaves and eat it without anyone noticing.

  • There is a basketball court on top of the Matterhorn. It is actually a small attic place. The workers of Disneyland use that place to rest and relax. There are a number of theories about why the place existed. The most popular one is that Walt Disney intentionally built it to be able to go up there and observe the whole amusement park from a very high point. It was not originally a basketball court. Once, one worker put on a hoop for entertainment and the name got stuck.

  • Behind the Haunted Mansion, there is a fake pet cemetery.

  • The most sold and worn souvenirs among all Disneyland parks in the world are Mickey Mouse ear hats.

  • There is a secret apartment in Disneyland Fire Station. It is actually Walt's’ apartment. He wanted to place it there so he can watch and take care of Disneyland. Now, if you look closely, you can see an illustrated candle that represents that Walt is present there all the time.

  • Disneyland was built in one year. How astonishing!

  • Have you ever wondered how Belle is able to get from Main Street to Fantasyland in just minutes? Well, that is because the Disney World you see is the second level of Disneyland. There are a great number of underground tunnels that workers use to move from one place to another. There is also space for ambulance or police cars in case of any accident.

  • Disneyland does not sell alcohol. Or does it? Well, yes. If you are an exclusive member of Club 33, you can consume alcohol while you are in the park. But, there are few downsides to this. The waiting list is about 10 years long, and the fee to be a member is around $25,000.

  • On August 6th, 1970, Tom Sawyer’s Island was held hostage by hippies. They had to call the police.

  • Disney had a serious problem with rodents. Nowadays, there are about 200 cats that live in Disneyland and chase mice and rats away.

  • The Haunted Mansion has exactly 999 ghosts inside.

  • On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, real human skeletons have been used as props.

  • Walt Disney loved spending time with the guests in the park. He sometimes even waited in lines with them.

  • In Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, there used to be a time capsule buried somewhere on the grounds.

  • The first tickets to enter into Disneyland cost $3,50.

  • There was a lingerie shop inside Disney World. It only lasted for six months and then it was closed.

  • There is a secret code language among the workers of Disney. For example, “Treasured Guest” means somebody who is rude and makes problems around the place. Have you ever been called like that? Although it has been denied by most of the workers, some claim that they have to find a secret way to communicate without destroying the atmosphere of the happy place.

  • There are artificial vents on Main Street that pump vanilla scent into the air. They switch the fragrance with peppermint around Christmas.

  • Do you know the “gray stuff” from “Beauty and the Beast”? The desert that Lumiere gives her to try when she is very hungry? At first she is a sceptic, but then she loves it. Well, you can buy the “gray stuff” in Disney restaurant.

Let me know in the comments which fact did you like the most and if you know more crazy stories about the Disney factory!