Organizing A Quiz For Fundraisers Events
Posted on August 12 @06:48
by Patrick Murphy
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A quiz competition could be a really nice option to raise funds for a good cause. They are fun and entertaining and can encourage people to join the event and support your cause. Whether you are raising funds for a charity or an independent organization, quizzes are a safe option.

If you are organizing a quiz as part of a fundraising event, have a look at the following tips that will help you to run it smoothly.

  • Split your questions into different categories. Questions can increase in difficulty or if you want to keep it easy, just go for easy but interesting questions. You can do one round per category and plan to have a break in between if you think the whole game will last for more than an hour.

  • People in a quiz competition always trust the Quizmaster, so you should be careful and select a good one, someone who is confident speaking in front of people.

  • Another important point is to adapt the questions to the type of people that is going to participate. For example, if your public is going to be in the majority senior people, better not to ask about subjects they most likely will have no idea about like modern pop music or the latest comics published for kids. Another great idea could be to have a round or two of questions related with the cause you are supporting. That way people will have more information about it and in general feel more confident to offer their support.

  • As with all quizzes, remember that questions should not be extremely elaborated or difficult, keep it easy but challenging at the same time.

  • Provide answer sheets to the teams so that they can keep track of their correct answers. Teams should come up with a "Team Name" that identifies them. If you feel that teams are not coming up with any names, you can suggest a few ones or just simply use table numbers.

  • Having a prize for the winner team is something nice to offer and an incentive to keep players engaged and motivated. Of course you would not want to have something extremely expensive and don't worry, people in general don't expect that. You can have little prizes for the teams that also perform great but did not win, and even special recognition for specific players who have showed a lot of initiative or have put a lot of effort into winning.

  • If you don't want to rely on people's donations only, selling tickets can be a really good idea. People usually would be OK to pay tickets to participate if they know is for a good cause. Let people know what the money raised will be used for and be as specific as possible. That will instill a feel of trust for your organization. If you are selling in advance, that also helps you to have an idea of how many people are planning to attend.

  • Remember to announce the event in advance so people know about it. You can print out posters and place them in local restaurants and bars that are nearby and also jump into your social media accounts and post it everywhere. Options are: creating a Facebook event, creating a Facebook Ad and target specific audiences and promotion in Twitter and Linkedin. Of course don't forget to tell all your friends and neighbors, word of mouth is still a powerful tool for promotion.
    You could also contact your local community centers and, if appropriate, the local church, and ask them for help with the promotion. They probably could offer you to place posters around their premises. Also, get the attention of professionals and influencers. People you think will care for the cause and will help you promote it. This goes from local politicians to charities, CEO's of important companies and even radio stations. My advice, try everything. You never know who will end up helping. Getting the attention of politicians may seem out of reach but put yourself in their feet, maybe supporting your event was the thing they needed to show how much they care for your cause.

I hope this is useful for all of you who are planning to organize a fundraising event. Let me know in the comments what has worked with you when organizing this type of events and if you have ever tried to organize a quiz and how did it all go!