Pub Quiz Team Names Ideas
Posted on August 01 @01:56
by Patrick Murphy
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The names of the teams competing are among the funnest things about pub quizzes and they usually result in a good laugh. Sometimes, teams put in a lot of effort into coming up with their name: some teams change their team name every time they play, while some decide on one and can usually be recognized by that name on other occasions.

If you and your team are going to a pub quiz soon, but are short of ideas on your team name, here are some of the best suggestions for coming up with a name for a pub quiz team:

Quiz-related Puns

This is the classic type of a pub quiz team name. It's the golden mean between offensive names and inside jokes, it makes a good laugh, but it's also in good spirits. You can use some that are already known and tried-out, but it's always cool to come up with your own, original ones. Some of the examples are:

  • Quizlamic Extremists
  • John Triviaolta
  • Quizzly Bears
  • Les Quizerables
  • Let's get quizzical

A short joke

Your team name doesn't have to be quiz-related; a simple, short joke will do the trick. The length of a team name is usually not limited, so you have a chance to lift everyone's mood and crack a joke. For example:

  • My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This Is a Date
  • In Dog Beers, We've Only Had One
  • Endless Love: the Stevie Wonder/Hellen Keller Tennis Match
  • Rehab Is for Quitters
  • How Did the Hipster Burn His Tongue? By Drinking His Coffee Before It Was Cool

Dirty Names

However juvenile they may seem, vulgar and offensive names are still one of the most popular choices for a pub quiz team name. Don't worry about being too straightforward – the pub quiz community is already used to this types of team names and no one will get offended. If you don't mind using that kind of humor, here are some of the funniest ones:

  • Camouflage Condoms: She never saw us coming
  • We're Not Gay, but $20 Is $20
  • Our Couch Pulls Out, but We Don't
  • Cunning Linguists


Another popular type of a pub quiz team name is a combination of an adjective and a group of animals. It's also reminiscent of traditional pub and tavern names, so it's kind of in the spirit of the space. If you want something cheerful, fun, and at the same time non-offensive, these team names can be a good choice:

  • The Almighty Alpacas
  • The Tasty Turtles
  • The Husky Hedgehogs
  • The Sassy Scorpios
  • The Ruthless Reindeer

Just plain punny

Almost nothing can beat a good, old pun when it comes to a team name. Trivia players love puns and you can't go wrong with this sort of team names – it will always be welcomed and spark good reactions.

  • My Drinking Team has a Trivia problem
  • Periodic Table Dancers
  • Never trust atoms, they make up everything.
  • Slice of Pi
  • God Complex Particles
  • Bed, Bar and Beyond

Joke involving the host

When the results come in, the quizmaster has to read out the team names along with their points. This is a great chance for a joke, because it's a chance to make the quizmaster say embarassing things out loud. Also, you can 'mask' your team name and make it so confusing that you almost can't realize it's a team name.

  • I can't read this
  • This is not a drill-please evacuate the pub
  • I wish this microphone was a…
  • And in first place

Let me know in the comments what great names have you chosen for your Team and if you have other funny ideas for names you want to share with the community!