The Most Obscure Facts About U.S. Presidents
Posted on July 31 @02:19
by Patrick Murphy
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Do you have any idea about the crazy stuff that the U.S. Presidents made? Maybe if they were regular people, we wouldn’t mind them having these strange habits or some really weird background history. But, since they are the leaders of one great nation, the facts presented in this article are going to be mind-blowing.

These are the type of things that you do not learn in history class. That is why history is not a favorite subject among the students. Imagine your classes being extremely funny and interactive. How hard would you laugh if your teacher told you that some random guy who was the leader of the U.S.A. enjoyed skinny dipping every morning? Or that some president’s name has the same popularity in China as Jesus Christ? Intrigued? So, let’s start exploring American history and learn some facts.

● George Washington was a very successful liquor distributor among the U.S.A. On the Mount Vermont, he had a whole workshop that produced Peach Brandy, Apple Brandy, and Rye Whiskey.

● John Quincy Adams enjoyed a regular exercise every morning. He used to go swimming in the Potomac River. The only problem was that it was not a regular swim. He did it bare naked. Adams enjoyed skinny dipping.

● John Tyler had 15 children. He is the president with the largest number of children in the history of U.S.A. Two of his grandsons are still alive today.

● Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair. Among all the good things he did for the nation, he did one more. The swift chair.

● Abraham Lincoln was a wrestling champion in his youth. He had only one lost game from around 300 matches. Lincoln made it to Wrestling Hall.

● During the presidency of Benjamin Harrison, it was the first time electricity has been installed in the White House. Harrison was terribly frightened of getting electrocuted that he never touched the lights himself.

● Teddy Roosevelt was shot in an assassination attempt while he was giving a presidential speech in Milwaukee. He completed the whole speech, which lasted 90 minutes. with a bullet inside his chest.

● You thought you had a bad boss? Calvin Coolidge would occasionally press all the buttons in the White House Oval Office, sending rings everywhere. Then he would hide somewhere in the office and wait for people to run inside. It was his method to check who was working and who was not.

● Herbert Hoover had alligators as pets. Occasionally, he would let them loose. Guess what? He did that in the White House. So, sometimes you could see wild alligators running around the White House.

● John F. Kennedy was a huge James Bond fan. One time he met the author Ian Fleming for a dinner. Allegedly, during the dinner, they shared ideas with Fleming on how to get rid of Fidel Castro.

● Do you know which are the most famous Western names in China? Well, you probably cannot imagine this. The three most popular names in China are Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley, and Richard Nixon.

● On September 2, 1944, George H. W. Bush’s aircraft was shot during a flight among the Pacific. Bush was piloting the aircraft. Him and other crew member survived, and other two members did not. They were later rescued on the coast.

● Bill Clinton has extremely symmetrical face. He was ranked alongside world’s top male models.

● George W. Bush was the captain of the cheerleader’s team in his senior year.

● Barack Obama’s nickname in highschool was “Barry O’Bomber”. Why? Because he had an incredibly awesome jump shoot.

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other weird facts about your home country's presidents!