Things You Didn't Know About The Human Body
Posted on August 12 @06:51
by Patrick Murphy
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The human body certainly is a miraculous mechanism and continues to puzzles scientists to date. However, modern experiments and research gives us more and more answers about it every day. Students are now strongly equipped with knowledge about the human body. Although you may have studied your share of biology, here are some fun facts about the human body you probably didn't know about.

B to the Bone

  • Adults have a smaller number of bones than babies. While adults have 206 bones, they start off as infants with more than 300. The reason for this is that bones that we start off with fuse and link together during growth.

  • Over half of humans' bones can be found in hands and feet. All together, they consist of 106 bones.

  • There's only one bone in the human body which isn't connected to another bone and it's located between the thyroid and the chin. It's called the hyoid bone.

Something smells fishy

  • Although sense of smell is not as developed in humans as it is in other animals, it still has some astonishing capacities. A human nose can remember up to 50 000 scents.

  • Over ¾ of emotions are triggered or caused by smells. This is why you can get intense flashbacks smelling crayons, grass or perfumes

  • It's the first sense humans develop, even before they are born.

  • Women have a noticeably better sense of smell than men.

  • The more moisture there is in the air, the better you can sense scents. That's why your sense of smell is better in spring and summer or when you exercise.

Bacteria galore

  • Your body is literally crawling with bacteria. Every inch of your body contains about 32 million bacteria.

  • If you could pile up all the bacteria on your body, it would weigh a little under 2 kg.

  • The number of bacteria in your mouth is greater than the number of people in the world.

  • Approximately 50 000 bacteria can be found on each tooth in a clean mouth of an average human.

  • Think kissing is romantic? Two people kissing exchange between 1 mil. and 10 billion bacteria.

A rush of blood

  • Blood is crucial to proper body function; but its road sure is hard and long. Blood travels through more than 90 000 kms of blood vessels. The heart pumps close to 7600 liters of blood every day.

  • Every 0.5 seconds, someone in the world needs blood.

  • How long does it take for blood to travel through your body? A single red blood cell can do a full journey through a human body in less than 30 seconds.

  • Our blood contains gold. Almost all gold in the human body, which amounts to 0.2 miligrams, is found in blood.

  • Blood makes up 8% of your body weight.


  • How long do you think you can go without sleep? The answer is – 11 days. Surprisingly short, right? Sleep is much more important for day to day functioning than we notice.

  • Divorced people suffer from insomnia more often than people who are married.

  • Not getting enough sleep can lead to having a bigger appetite; this is caused by the fall of leptine levels, a hormone which is responsible for regulating appetite.

  • The current record for the longest period of time without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes.

  • In the first year, a newborn can cause its parents to lose up to 750 hours of sleep.

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