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Database of Trivia Questions


I wanted to offer a more professional set of questions to my faithful players. They deserve it. Quizzy Pack made this possible. I now have a great database of questions and answers for the Trivia Nights at my local pub. Thank you.

Richard Davis, QuizMaster


Hey, I’m Patrick Murphy, a trivia game addicted and QuizMaster, and one of the BIGGEST problems I had when organizing a Quiz Night was this:

How can I organize a Quiz Night without the headaches that come with creating all questions and answers?

I just wanted to host my Quiz Night, and then be able to make people have a good time.

I had everything I needed to host my Quiz Night, I just needed a set of questions and answers that would make players learn new things and enjoy their night...

Sound familiar?

The thing is that you, me and lots of other people have these same problems. And the existing questions’ database on the market were either

  • too expensive,
  • too easy or
  • outdated.

And that’s why I decided to partner with a top-class writer to create the best set of questions and answers of the market.


It can take ages to create hundreds of questions and answers for your Quiz Night.

You probably think you can do it in a couple of days with the help of internet. That’s what I thought too.

This is how it usually goes:

You hop on the internet and do a quick search to find a list of free questions and answers to download.

You spend a few hours on that but soon you realize that the quality is not great, so you decide that it’s better to come up with your own ones.

You take pen and paper and start writing. You feel so inspired and determined and you write a bunch of random questions.

However after a while, you run out of ideas and the only possible option seems to go back to internet again and start searching for inspiration.

The process is quite tedious:

You have to think about a question, then verify the information and write a clear explanation. And you have to do this for every single question.

Soon you realize that you are going to spend weeks doing research as for the game to be interesting it needs to have a good amount of questions and answers. And not only that, questions should be challenging and interesting, you cannot just have boring and easy questions like: “What is the capital of France?”

And this is not the end, you also need to have different topics and split your questions into different levels of difficulty so that the game is challenging for the player.

Questions usually should be easy at the beginning and they increase in difficulty as the player jumps into different levels. It’s quite hard to define what “easy”, “medium” or “hard” difficulty is.

Let’s face it. Creating a quiz game is not that easy.

Specially, because it requires one thing that most of us usually don’t have:


And also, the whole process of creating hundreds of questions can be quite monotonous so it is very easy to give up.

I understand how you feel. I’ve been there myself

I spent lots of hours researching and writing questions, surfing the internet in search of the most entertaining, curious and engaging questions.


I want to help you. Because I know you need to save time.

And that’s why I’ve created Quizzy-Pack, an already done-for-you package full of amazing value.


1000 Questions: Unique, up-to-date and high quality. Challenging and fun at the same time
1000 Answers: A well-researched and comprehensive explanation for each question.
5 levels of difficulty: Very easy - Easy - Medium - Hard - Very hard.
10 different topics: Under your nose - Animals & Nature - Geography & Travel - History - Fun facts - Sports - Movies - Famous people - Health - Popular Culture
Player’s Answer Sheet: Add the team name, table and round number. It contains a table to keep track of the questions' answers and marks
Quiz Master’s Score-Sheet: Contains a table to keep track of team names and table numbers, scores per round and total marks
Free E-Book “How to host a Trivia Night”: A guide that contains all tips you need to know if you are planning to host a Trivia Night.

All questions are original and have not been plagiarized from other trivia books/magazines/websites, trivia online databases, or any other trivia sources. They are all unique.

The questions are “True or False” style which is one of the most popular trivia game styles at the moment. The player does not need to choose from different options or come up with the right answer. Player just need to pick True or False. This type of trivia makes the game more dynamic. Even if the question is a bit tricky, the chance of guessing correctly is 50% which means your players don’t get frustrated and don’t feel silly.

The package contains questions in CSV and PDF formats, structured by topics and levels. It is really easy to read and to copy into your own question and answers sheet. If this format does not suit your needs, please contact me at and I will be happy to check if a different format can be provided.

Right now you can get Quizzy-Pack at the best price ever

Quizzy-Pack is now available for 18.88 EUR


As soon as your payment is complete, you will be redirected to a download page from where you can download your product.

Make sure you get Quizzy-Pack if you:

Are organizing a Quiz Night but are missing the most important thing: Questions
Don’t want to hire a freelancer to do the work for you and get billed more than $ 500
Are serious about having original and well-researched questions for your game

If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions, then Quizzy-Pack can help you