• Blood type O-positive is called the universal donor type.
  • Brown eggs are scientifically proven to be healthier than white shelled eggs.
  • There is a medical term for the feeling you get when you scrape your nails across a chalkboard.
  • People with joint pain can predict rain.
  • Tetris is used to treat adults that have a lazy eye.


  • FALSE - It's blood type O-negative which is called the universal donor type since it is compatible with any blood type.
  • FALSE - Aside from the color of their shells, there is no other difference between commercial brown shelled eggs and white shelled ones. They both have the same nutrition level.
  • TRUE - The medical term for this feeling is called 'Haptodysphoria'. However, this term in not only limited to this certain situation, since haptodysphoria is defined as 'an unpleasant sensation derived from touching certain objects'.
  • TRUE - People with joint pain can predict rain because the barometric pressure drops when storms are approaching. Old injuries and arthritic joints may not adjust to the pressure change and when the soft tissues and fluids around the joint expands, it irritates the surrounding nerves and causes pain.
  • TRUE - Tetris is used to treat adults that have a lazy eye.Researchers studied the effects of using video games that forces both eyes to work together , and they found that the patients treated with Tetris showed a four-fold improvement in their lazy eye compared to those who were patched.

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